Roulette is the heart of Ballderdash!  Complete the first 10 levels in each zone to add the ball type and background to Roulette.  From here you can create millions of random levels with a simple click.  The “Quick Play” button will generate a random level from all available unlocked Ball types.  Simply set the desired number of balls using the + or – buttons, then select “Quick Play”.


For those who want total control, you can use the custom mode to adjust the quantity and types of Balls that are used to create the level.  Choose the ball types using the + and – buttons and then tap the “Create” button.

With millions of possibilities, you might get a level that crashes or has no solution, but regardless of the result the fun is endless.

But that’s not all, you can save the level, remove or add balls, and edit the location of any Ball in the level.  There is no limit to your creativity.  Just save the level, open your catalog and press the edit icon.