Ballderdash is the ultimate quick-play strategy game. Be dazzled in this mesmerizing adventure through color and 3D radness. Experience the tantalizing action of this new game type, is it a puzzle? Strategy?  Or something entirely new?


Download these levels and more in the Level Codes section.

  • Play through 8 zones with hundreds of designed levels
  • Unlock 7 unique ball types with different gameplay features
  • Randomly generate millions of levels
  • Use the level editor to create custom levels and unleash your creativity
  • Build your custom catalog of levels
  • Share your uniquely generated levels with your friends and the Ballderdash Community

What are these things? Molecules? Atoms? Stars? Orbs? Where have they come from? Where are they going? Why are they here?

All we know is they can’t rest until they find what they seek.