Meet the Balls

Zone 1 is where the action begins. The Dash Ball is the name of the game, don’t let it blow up. You must save the Dash Ball from destruction. Why you ask? You have to ask? Don’t you have feelings? Be the hero!

The Obstacle Ball dominates Zone 2.  This ball is an obstruction. Uncontrollable and out for destruction, beware of these menacing objects.

The monster Morph Ball takes up space and barely passes through the narrowest of passages. As the ruler of Zone 3, the beast is hard to control but satisfying to tame. This tiny tike is a sneaky spheroid.  Slimming down to traverse the dangers of the universe make it a welcome ally.

The Warp Ball is a singularity.  Somehow it manipulates the universe by making rips that open and shut space. We have our best people studying this inhabitor of Zone 4 to determine how they do it. Imagine the possibilities of harnessing this power…

Ghost Ball is the soul of a Dash Ball from another life. For some reason it still roams the observable universe, flashing in and out, unable to find peace. It has taken up residence in Zone 5.  Rest easy traveler.

The Gravity Ball has properties that are in many ways still mysterious to science. Gaze on as it accelerates and decelerates while bending the field of existence.  The energy of Zone 6 has caused these balls to congregate here.

The Zip Ball operates in short, furious bursts but runs out of energy easily. Taking it’s time, just moving along.  Zip Ball is the assailant of Zone 7.